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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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Changes to the AP History Exam havent been this major since 2015 reiterations, and will have a significant impact on test taking this academic year.

5’s Inbound: College Board unveils new scoring measures for AP history tests

By Chloe Tran and Kaylee Yang December 4, 2023

“You can get the score that you want and that you deserve because now some of these boundaries are just a little bit more user friendly,” said CVHS World and US History Teacher Kristen Davis-Owen after...

Graphic that represents CVHS students common transfer locations within HISD

Transferring: A common CVHS phenomenon

By Andrew Lee, Staff Writer December 4, 2023

This school year, many CVHS students have transferred to neighboring high schools across the greater Houston area. This trend can be explained by the compelling pull factors represented by other schools,...

Turner and her husband at their wedding in 2003

Maisha Turner: from rejecting rejection to inspiring CVHS students in STEM

By Natalia Nguyen and Cindy Cui December 3, 2023

If Maisha Turner’s life was a Free Body Diagram, her family would be the center of mass, with outside forces from every angle. Her life would have a positive magnitude of acceleration, but with an ever-changing...

Laura Williams smiling excitedly in her second home -- the classroom.

Laura Williams and the path to teaching English

By Anjali Martinez and Adrianna Guadalupe March 10, 2023

In January, CVHS's English department welcomed a new face, Laura Jean Williams. Recently retired from her 20-year-long career at Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), she embarks...

The 88th Texas Legislative Session runs from January 10 to May 29.

The 88th Texas Legislative Session started on January 10- Here’s what to look out for

By Catherine Hu and Natalia Nguyen January 27, 2023

On Jan. 10, 181 members of the Texas Legislature were invited to attend the 88th biennial lawmaking session of the Texas Legislative Session. This year, the Texas Legislature consists of a Republican...

From Tulsa, OK to Houston, TX, HISD Superintendent Millard House II follows a family history of educational trailblazers.

A history of fighting for inclusion and equity guides Millard House II’s goals as Superintendent

By Adrianna Guadalupe and Anjali Martinez October 20, 2022

Silence filled the air on May 31, 1921 in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Buildings were destroyed, houses were deserted and smoke hung heavy. The scene looked like a war had taken place. That war was...

Starting next school year, CVHS athletics will compete in Division 5A.

CVHS athletics switches from UIL Division 6A to 5A

By Alex Samano, Staff Writer February 22, 2022

On February 10, it was announced that CVHS athletic teams are now switching from 6A to 5A UIL divisions for the 2022-2023 school year. Carnegie switched UIL divisions from 5A to 6A over eight years ago...

Gov. Abbotts proposed Parents Rights Bill would allow parents to decide if their children had to repeat failed courses and place teachers on a do not hire list if they provided materials deemed explicit by the state. 

Abbott’s proposed ‘Parental Bill of Rights’ causes controversy at CVHS

By Ava Lim and Nicki Anahita February 22, 2022

If voters reelect current Governor Greg Abbott in November, he plans to enact a "Parental Bill of Rights," which would give parents greater control over student education. The bill would allow parents...

Student Suzane Nazir prepares for the SAT using The Manual for SAT.

Going Online- College Board’s new decision on the SAT

By Rugveda Patil, Staff Writer February 18, 2022

On January 25, 2022, CollegeBoard (CB) announced its decision to change the SAT to digital.  The SAT is a standardized test taken by "over two million" per year. It is used to academically judge...

Parents in Fort Worth, Texas, held protests and spoke at school board meetings earlier this year demanding that teachers dont include critical race theory in the curriculum.

New TX law restricting how race and history are taught in schools went into effect September 1

By Atahan Koksoy and Ashley Becerra September 28, 2021

On September 1, a new Texas law aimed at restricting discussions of race and history in schools went into effect. The text of HB3979 states that social studies teachers can't "require" or include...

Bellaire H.S. Class of 2021s nine valedictorians: Alkiviades Boukas, Daniel Chen, Evie Tsen-Ying Kao, Angela Ling, Miles Mackenzie, Wenson Tsiah-Hao Tang, Christopher Zhou, Annie Zhu, and Shirley Zhu.

Bellaire H.S. Class of 2021’s nine valedictorians illustrate the benefits of online learning for students

By Marcos Delgadillo and Maya Collins April 30, 2021

Walking down the aisle of the main stage during senior graduation to give the final class speech is an honor only a few can say they have earned. Usually, the classes' valedictorian gives an address while...

Hiking in the mountains in Greece during fall break.

A Different Way of Structuring School

By Leo Bader, Staff Writer October 19, 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: Follow CVHS sophomore Leo Bader in an ongoing column series as he spends this year as an exchange student navigating the differences between the lives of youth in Berlin and Houston. For...

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