CVHS students have abandonment issues!

Katheryn Consuegra and My-Tran Vo sob on the couch after going through the abandonment of 3 Carnegie teachers.

Neela Ravi

Katheryn Consuegra and My-Tran Vo sob on the couch after going through the abandonment of 3 Carnegie teachers.

Have you found yourself lost at Carnegie? Have you found an adult to attach yourself to here, but now they are leaving? How does that make you feel? Confused? Maybe even abandoned? Run through this quick third person therapy session to get over it! We interviewed students to live through their relationship with the teachers. Come sit on the couch that’s found in every English teacher’s classroom and let’s talk. 

How have you been coping with the issue that brought you here?

I usually sit on the couch in Ms. Lee’s room and lay there with the blankets she left behind for us before she left… just like how my mother left but left clothes behind for us. 

From “Imissmymommy”

Who in your past left you or was unavailable emotionally? What did they do to make you feel rejected/abandoned?

Mom and Dad sat us down at the table as Dad told us he was leaving us and Mom for someone better… just like how Ms. Lee left us for another job and left us in this prison cell of a school.

“From Msleestan123”

Nicki Anahita sobs in her van after hearing the news of Ms. Lee’s departure from CVHS. (Nicki Anahita)

Who in your past has been available to you emotionally? Who in your present is available to you emotionally?

My mom used to give us snacks from Costco and feed us when we were down… Ms. Lee also used to give us food from Costco… sorry what was the question? I don’t know why I’m so attached to Ms. Lee haha…

From “Mentallysane89”


Has anyone in your life led you to believe that they would be there for you and then left anyway?

  • Ms. Jimenez, Ms. Harris, Ms. Lee, my dad…

From “Libartsteacherlover”




Who in your past told you that they would come visit you “all the time” but never did?

My dad said we would see each other every weekend, and now I think I’m lucky if I see him every two months, just like *sniffle*, just like Ms. Jimenez told us she would come back to visit a lot and I think I’m starting to forget what she looks like. *breaks down* I’m sorry I don’t think I can do this.

From “Yesimissthem”


Have you found any repetition in your trauma?

My dad used to always tell me that when I was older, I could work for him and become the dynamic duo that would dominate the industry. Then when I finally became old enough to work, he left us for some woman in Florida. Ms. Harris told me the same when I wanted to become a TA. I was finally going to be a senior and work with her! The dynamic duo that would run the English Department. Then she announced that she was leaving… I don’t think that’s a repetition, but both times I felt like someone ripped out my heart and juiced it. So no, there’s no correlation, but I do miss them both dearly.

From “Traumaisfakenews”

MyTran Vo comforts Katheryn Consuegra on the couch after hearing the news of Ms. Harris’s departure from CVHS. (Neela Ravi )

How do you usually deal with the stress in your life?

Ms. Jimenez used to make me Yerba Mate (tea blend) when I was stressed to help me relax. Now I deal with my stress and anxiety by listening to Liquid Smooth by Mitski on a loop. 

From “Ihavenotimeforyoga”

How are your sleeping habits?

Bad. I stay up all night thinking about the multiple female figures that have left me. How they were the only adults that seemed to properly understand the level of stress I’m always under and have now left me to figure it out on my own. 

From “Monsterenergyenthusiast”



We are all in this together. We were abandoned but at least we were abandoned together. Come back Ms. Lee. Come back Ms. Jimenez. Come back Ms. Harris. We miss you. T-T


This story is satire.