Alisa Nance Sweeps the Battle of the Paddles: Final Score 11-4 and 11-5

On December 13, the championship game for singles in ping pong was held.  Sophomore Kartikeya Gullapalli and sophomore Alisa Nance were battling it out for the championship.

It was two games with the first ending in a score of 5-11 with Alisa sweeping. Then a similar second match followed 4-11 with Alisa taking the victory in a clean sweep.

Both Kartikeya and Alisa had a long journey to this game with several close games.

They both proved to be solid players, but Kartikeya had an Achilles heel. It was hard for him to hit the ball when it came at him directly and Alisa used that to her advantage. With most plays ending on the third hit, Alisa hit the ball to the front of Kartikeya at the far end of the table giving him little room to return. Alisa gave him little breathing room by maintaining the serve.

After the first match with Alisa taking a huge six-point lead, Kartikeya kept a good face, but the audience could tell that that loss had gotten into his head. The same problem hitting the balls that came close to him followed him into the second match. This time, Alisa took the victory with a even bigger seven-point lead.

The outcome of the match was not a surprise to anyone following Alisa throughout this tournament, crushing most of the competition along the way. But Kartikeya is looking forward to next year and his next chance at ping pong redemption.