A Way to Fit During Quarantine

The See 10 Do 10 challenge has arose across social media sites, mostly Instagram, to encourage others to stay active during these tough times. The challenge works by being tagged on social media doing the challenge, once you are tagged you then do the challenge yourself and tag other people to participate in this challenge. The challenge has risen so high in popularity, that even celebrities such as rapper Quavo and singer/actress Jennifer Hudson.


The challenge is a fun and interactive way to stay fit while doing it with friends. The challenge is quite easier to partake in, and there are different variations you can do. I personally chose to do the 10 set version. Overall the challenge is pretty self explanator and not challenging. You only need around 30 seconds to do the challenge and it can even be performed at home.


For me, the challenge was routine because I do push-ups regularly. I decided to try the challenge because once quarantine started I stopped working out as much, and the challenge reminded me to stay in shape. I would definitely do the challenge again, and recommend others to take it on.