Apps To Keep Us From Feeling Isolated During Quarantine


Esha Sharma

Students Prisha Multani, Jenna Mercado and Maia Vo playing “Quarantine” on Frankly.

During this time, it is hard to not isolate and distance yourself from your loved ones. So, I decided to try a range of different apps and sites to find out the best ways to keep in touch without friends and family. The first app I tried was Rave. The app allows you to create a group and stream movies, TV shows on platforms such as  Netflix, Youtube, and even create virtual concerts so we can all enjoy the same music. The app allows the group to listen or watch simultaneously and make comments in the chat. The quality is very good and it can be found in the app store.

I next tried an app that allows you to play various games with your friends all at once. Frankly has many different games that range from confessions to would you rather. The games are all a lot of fun and can bring you and your friends closer, especially during this time of isolation. Since there are so many games, you can keep entertained for a while. 

Overall, both of these apps are very effective in keeping up with your friends and family. I would absolutely tell others about these apps.