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Award winning scholastic submission by Chloe Beaudreau Frames won a gold key in photography.

CVHS Students Sweep the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards, Winning 104 Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing is a nationally recognized contest. Students from all over the United States compete and receive awards for their work. This program gives recognition to young aspiring...

CVHS junior Brooke Ferrell, member for the Carnegie Theater Company, and film actress, just became TX State Thespian Officer.

Junior Brooke J Ferrell, Selected to be Carnegie’s First Texas State Thespian Officer

By My-Tran Vo, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

From Madame Butterfly's son, to an ice-cream fiend, to a victim of a shooting, CVHS junior, Carnegie Theater member, and film actress Brooke Ferrell has had many roles. Now Ferrell finds herself in a newly...

Students testified at the April 2020 State Board of Education meeting to approve an African-American Studies course for the state curriculum.

CVHS adds African American Studies to the elective curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year

By Judith Carrizales, News Editor March 8, 2021

It was April 2020 when the Texas State Board of Education had approved African American Studies as an elective for Texas high school students. After the hard work of the African Students Association, at...

Firefighters arrive at CVHS freshman Jay Singhs house as a fire, resulting from the electrical shortages resulting from the winter storm, consumes his house (Singh family).

From freeze to flames, freshman Jay Singh faces home loss following an Arctic apocalypse

By Vivian Huynh and Gabi Rodriguez March 8, 2021

On February 15th, most families’ worst worries were freezing through the night. This was not the case for CVHS freshman Jay Singh and his family. Late Monday night, at 10:30 pm, Singh sat down for dinner...

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Reddit VS Billionaires: A Controversial Moment in Stock Market History

By Jonathon Morales, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

        A battle between the ultra rich and the average retail investor who just got their stimulus checks. Something that will probably be in history books in the future...

You dont have to start first period with your stomach empty with these quick breakfast ideas.

Quick Breakfast Ideas for Busy Students

By Alexandra Silva and Diego Gonzalez March 8, 2021

Exasperation- the first emotion of the morning after an intense beep beep beep, and then snooze once. Beep beep beep. Five more minutes! Snooze twice. Beep beep beep. I’ll just “rest my eyes” for...

Rain is the main protagonist in the most recent psychological thriller, Fear of Rain.

Facing The Stigma – How Movies Like “Words on Bathroom Walls” and “Glass” Hurt the Mentally Ill

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor March 8, 2021

Earlier this month, the movie Fear of Rain was released. It used the main character’s auditory and visual hallucinations due to schizophrenia, a mental disorder that alters the way a person thinks, feels,...

On March 6 the Senate voted 50 to 49 to pass the American Rescue Plan.

Congress Needs to Pass the Stimulus Package- Today

By Maya Collins and Marcos Delgadillo March 8, 2021

"I see enormous pain in this country," said President Biden, as he called for the passage of his American Rescue Plan. Millions of Americans are struggling to put food on their family's tables due...

Students protest to protect the rights of transgender students on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Attacks on transgender students nationally is felt locally

By Abigail Nunez and Amy Maya March 8, 2021

Since the start of this year, dozens of bills have been introduced in states across the country prohibiting healthcare for transgender youth and excluding them from athletic programs. 17 states have...

The task of getting into and applying for colleges can be daunting for any high school student. Three people who have walked that path share their experiences here.

2 College Graduates and A College Student Address Common Concerns on College Decisions

By Chiemelie Chinweuba, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

College decisions can be hard for many highschool students. There is much to be considered, the price of the college, the area it’s in, what you’ll study. The list goes on. This all varies depending...

CVHS Multi-Racial Student Organization (CMRSO) gathered outside to make Valentines Day cards for the Womens Home.

CVHS Multi-Racial Student Organization Delivers Some Love to the Women’s Home on Valentine’s Day

By Julian Namerow, Features Editor March 8, 2021

Despite Carnegie’s Multi-Racial Student Organization (CMRSO) limitations to only online meetings once a week, the club still prevailed in organizing a Valentine’s Day card drop off at the Women’s...

My churros with chocolate sauce comes from an easy recipe you can follow at home.

Can’t get your favorite churro at the rodeo this year? Here’s a recipe to satisfy your craving.

By Carys Reyes, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

  I remember being able to go to the Houston Rodeo every year with family and friends. Everyone, racing to be first in line for the rides, competing against each other on the carnival games, and...

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