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A Way to Fit During Quarantine

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer May 18, 2020

The See 10 Do 10 challenge has arose across social media sites, mostly Instagram, to encourage others to stay active during these tough times. The challenge works by being tagged on social media doing...

Reaching two months of a stay-at-home order, students struggle with isolation and boredom at home.

CVHS Students Share Their Cure to Boredom During COVID-19

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer May 12, 2020

Boredom has peaked at an all-time high among students with the arrival of COVID-19. Out of 10 students surveyed, boredom levels have averaged at around a 6.3 out of 10. When the same people were asked...

How The Snells Handle COVID-19

How The Snell’s Handle COVID-19

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer April 14, 2020

Since the outbreak has started, things have changed in the Snell household. With only two members in the house, resources aren’t much of an issue. The main issue is how to spend the day.  Mrs. Smith-Snell,...

Students doing an activity during the 30 Hour Famine

How to survive the 30-Hour-Famine

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer February 17, 2020

On February 21, Carnegie will be hosting it’s 8th annual 30 hour famine. Hosted by NHS, the nation honors society, and sponsored by World Vision: an organization that provides humanitarian aid to children...

Carnegie Sprinting Into 2020 With a New Track Team

Carnegie Sprinting Into 2020 With a New Track Team

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer February 6, 2020

This year Carnegie will be introducing its first UIL track team, sponsored by biology teacher and cross country coach Jamie Ford, and coordinated by captains junior Viana Rodriguez, and sophomore Gabi...

Students wait in line to get a chance to show their skills during Ping Pong club.

It’s Standing Room Only During Ping Pong Club

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer November 15, 2019

The line wraps around with students waiting up to 12 minutes for their turn. No, it's not the line for pizza. It's for ping pong. Ping Pong Club was introduced to Carnegie this year. The club meets...

Ms. Schmidt striking out, ending the 2nd inning of Carnegie’s first Breast Cancer Kickball Game

Students Demolish the Teachers 6 to 1 in First Breast Cancer Awareness Kickball Game

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer November 6, 2019

Oct 24- Before the opening pitch for the first Breast Cancer Awareness kickball game was rolled, the faculty had been a fan favorite.  Many student spectators believed that the teachers would win. “I...

Important background information on the new baseball coach Joel Anderson.

New Coach Promises Change to Carnegie Baseball

By Donovan Snell, Staff Writer September 27, 2019

New Coach Changing Carnegie Baseball Last year the Carnegie baseball team went 0-16. To improve this upcoming year, they have hired a new coach. To help get to know the new coach, I interviewed him...

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