CVHS Students Share Their Cure to Boredom During COVID-19


Photo from Wired Magazine

Reaching two months of a stay-at-home order, students’ struggle with isolation and boredom at home.

Boredom has peaked at an all-time high among students with the arrival of COVID-19. Out of 10 students surveyed, boredom levels have averaged at around a 6.3 out of 10. When the same people were asked their level of boredom before quarantine, 

According to these students, the boredom originates from the repetition since quarantine has started. 

“During the day, I normally wake up and go for a run. Then I come home and follow a workout tutorial. After that, I watch Netflix for 2 hours or make lunch. Then I usually sleep or sit outside for the rest of the day” said CVHS senior Sydney Scott.

Doing the same thing every day can tend to get boring, especially if you have nothing to really do. 

“I start to feel bored around 6 that’s like the middle of the day when I’ve run out of things to do,” said CVHS freshman Talia Moghnieh. 

With this sudden boredom, people have thought of creative ways to combat it. Simple things like watching movies or just hanging with siblings. Anything to take their mind off of being bored students are doing.

“Usually, I’m always with family so that way we keep each other entertained,” said CVHS sophomore Gaby Gallo.

Not everyone has access to family or people to be around. So now everyone can use that as a distraction to not be bored. Another popular activity is finding new hobbies. 

“I’ve also been cooking a lot,” said CVHS junior Zeynep. 

“I have done stuff with my brother such as swim and bike ride around my neighborhood,” said CVHS sophomore Julian Namerow.

Some students feel one change could cure their boredom. The ability to hang out with friends is common among the students

“If I could change one thing it would be to be allowed to have a couple of friends over,” said Scott.

“I think I would change the fact that I don’t go outside or see friends as much,” said Moghnieh.

Trying new activities such as these has cured the sickness of boredom among students. Go hang with family or find new hobbies and you too can possibly be freed of your boredom.