Tips on how to focus on work amid distractions at home

I tidy up my workspace before I get started my school day from home.

Cameron Hart

I tidy up my workspace before I get started my “school day” from home.

Many of us find it hard to focus on work within the comfort of our own home, but why is that? It can be due to many things that distract us, such as family, pets, a TV or your phone. People stuck in quarantine suffering from this problem are wondering just what they can do to be able to focus, and this article is here to help everyone.

Starting off with the most obvious way to focus, don’t procrastinate. Procrastination is what leads to people not getting work done or turning it in late. It’s tempting to procrastinate and save it all for later so you can go off and have fun, but if you stop yourself from procrastinating you’ll be able to finish it even faster than you would have later. However, if you procrastinate too much, you’ll miss the due date for whatever it may be.Therefore, it’s best to simply get the work done as soon as possible. When I’m working I put my phone in a place out of reach and turn it off so I don’t get distracted by social media.

Another thing that would help is to create a schedule for when you want to work. By making a schedule you’ll be able to adjust to the situation better, and you can choose just when you do your work everyday. You can plan out every minute of your day, or you can make a list where you check things off as you go, whichever works better for you. The day is yours to live, so go ahead and plan it out however you wish. My schedule consists of every part of my school day, from when school starts to when it finishes.

One more thing you can you to help yourself is to dress up as if you were going to school or work. Getting yourself into the mindset will help you to feel like you have to work, and while working in your pajamas may be comfortable, it won’t help with your focus. Along with this you can make yourself a workspace. Having a place to work in your room will help to make it feel like you’re in class, where you can’t do anything but work most of the time. I like to dress in my usual school clothes, a hoodie and pants, to help myself focus more.

Lastly, one more thing you can do to focus is to know when is the best time to stop working. An example would be when you have to go eat dinner with your family. That’s a good time to stop and take a break from work. However if it’s something trivial such as watching Netflix, it’s not worth it to pause and take a break, because all it is is a distraction. I work on a schedule so I know when exactly to stop working on certain subjects and move on to the next, like we do while at school. If you can overcome all these distractions however, you’ll be able to complete all your work with ease!