Vaccination Super Sites May Spell the End of Covid-19


Photo from Click 2 Houston

Houston was one of five U.S. cities chosen for a FEMA super-site, prompting the opening of the NRG vaccination super-site.

At this point in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s become a part of daily life for most people, including CVHS students. Almost everyone has a mask on them at all times, and for a while, it seemed as though this chapter in life would never end. 

In December of 2020, the first spark of hope shone out when the first Covid-19 vaccine was administered to a nurse in New York, battling the virus on the front lines.

Now that there was a vaccine being developed by multiple states and companies, including Johnson and Johnson, there is hope that this pandemic would all be over soon. CVHS students were hopeful as well, wondering if next year could be the year everything returns to normal.

This faith only increased when, in January of 2021, Texas governor Greg Abbot opened the first vaccination super site in Dallas. Initially, this brought a lot of apprehension with it, since the last time any restrictions were lifted, in May 2020, COVID cases began climbing, spiking in August of 2020.

Although it was still the case that essential workers were first to receive a vaccine, vaccines are now being administered at a more rapid pace.

CVHS students, and seniors in particular, most of whom had spent their whole senior year behind a screen, were optimistic that things may begin to change. This optimism wasn’t for nothing, since in February of 2021, Abbot announced that more vaccination super sites were on their way to other parts of Texas.

Houstonians rejoiced at this news, and students all over Texas looked forward to being able to attend school in-person again, without fear of the pandemic. Life as it had been before the pandemic had previously seemed as though it was a million years away, and now, with the opening of these super sites, it’s slowly creeping closer. Life without a mask, without social distancing, without fear of infection or even death is becoming a reality once more, thanks to Governor Abbot opening these vaccination super sites and facilitating the production of more vaccines by companies all over Texas. 

Only last year, or even just a few months ago, Texans everywhere were accustomed to life in the midst of a pandemic. The social distancing signs were worn out from how long they’d been in place, restaurants offered curbside pickup to avoid contact with others that was less than 6 feet apart, and every place required a mask.

With the opening of these sites, masks may become a thing of the past very quickly.

Now, it looks like the readjustment back into life pre-COVID life may be something that could happen sooner than we had expected.