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Austin Gordon standing next to Orbit after throwing the first pitch.

One student’s year-long battle against cancer

By Kaitlyn Garza and Julian Namerow October 24, 2021

With a blazing 103-degree fever and stomach cramps that turned his abdomen rock-solid, CVHS senior Austin Gordon was sent home from the ER once again with what the doctors claimed to be the common cold...

Noah Mohamed looking up with bread in his mouth

Senior Noah Mohamed to CVHS students: Grip your food with force

By Nicki Anahita and Ava Lim October 24, 2021

Squirt. Squelch. Splat. Orange oozes through Noah Mohamed’s tightening fist, prompting the students huddled around the spectacle to cringe away. Several groans of disgust resound throughout the group,...

Sadaf Amiri during our Zoom Interview (Left) 

Sadafs hometown Kabul, Afghanistan (Right)

Afghan refugee Sadaf Amiri’s journey from home to Houston

By Jahrel Noble and Imran Humza Hanif October 24, 2021

It was like a hostage situation. If you couldn’t pay up, then your family would be killed.  “You know, in Afghanistan, there was a little bit problem,” says 17-year-old refugee Sadaf Amiri, speaking...

CVHS senior Peter Jackson interning at the Young Surgeons Program at the Pirogov Medical Research Institute in Moscow, Russia.

Senior Peter Jackson gets his first surgical practice and news appearance in Moscow

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour October 24, 2021

Everyone, at some point in their childhood, has been asked the popular question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" CVHS senior Peter Jackson always knew the answer to this question: a pediatrician. From...

Trisha Young poses with the transgender pride flag during CVHSs celebration of National Coming Out Day.

Sophomore Trisha Young shares her journey as a transgender student

By Alex Samano and Brooke J Ferrell October 24, 2021

The red wig sat awkwardly on her scalp. It rubbed in all the wrong places. But the brush of hair at the base of her scalp gave her a grace she'd been unable to grasp with cold wind biting her skin. Suddenly,...

Sophomore Joseph Mutagaya will play the character Gibson in Carnegie Vanguard Theaters production of Mr. Burns opening November 10.

Sophomore Joseph Mutagaya explores the complexity of his character in the CVHS production of Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

By Sasha Cabral, Copy Editor October 24, 2021

It sounds like a choir. The voices reverberate across the room. Harmonious. The voice guiding these vocal warm-ups is meditative, coaxing the relaxation of muscles. Hands raise towards the ceiling. The...

Junior Fatima Ahmed runs a baking company that sells a variety of delectable goods all while dealing with the stresses of being a student at Carnegie.

Flavored by Fatima – A Carnegie born business

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor October 24, 2021

Two days, six orders. Six orders of mixed baked goods glared back from the Flavored by Fatima website - each due in exactly two days and equally time-consuming. Fatima had to somehow manage to make...

Hannah Fernandez (left) on graduation day in May 2021 at the University of Virginia. Michelle Nguyen (right) is currently a sophomore in college.

The right match: CVHS alumni share their journeys as Posse finalists

By Sarah Fernandez and Hilary Nguyen October 24, 2021

Four years ago, Hannah Fernandez graduated from CVHS. Three years later, Michelle Nguyen graduated from CVHS. Both students were Posse finalists. However, the schools they were selected finalists for changed...

Butalis Instragram story post uploaded on Sept. 18th

CVHS junior Barbara Butali addresses need for feminine products in restrooms while state balks

By Roxell Bonilla, Staff Writer October 24, 2021

Every female student has had days like this. One day you're in the school restroom, and you notice you started your period. You scatter, trying to find anything: a pad, a tampon, even a towel. The dispensers...

Kyla Griffin seated in her office reading the book Voiceless by Mathias Wallace from her shelf.

Counselor Kylaa Griffin draws on her upbringing to provide a safe space for students at CVHS

By Esha Sharma, Staff Writer October 24, 2021

  CVHS students carry piles of stress, anxiety, and schoolwork as they drag their feet across the dull, grey floor. Days and weeks begin to blend together with no end in sight when suddenly, from...

Cayla Gottesman protest the abortion ban by sitting for the Texas Pledge.

CVHS junior Cayla Gottesman begins a protest against the Texas abortion ban

By Judith Carrizales and Abigail Nunez October 24, 2021

CVHS junior Cayla Gottesman never felt right about standing up for the Texas pledge. Everytime she stood, all the injustices, brutality, and inequality that happened in the country she stood on, the very...

Regan House looking to the bright future of possibilities and opportunities.

Junior Regan House navigates a life of constant transitions

By Caitlin Liman and Nina Nguyen October 24, 2021

One calm Saturday dawn, the warm rural Tennessee air breezed through Regan House’s hair, enveloping her in tranquility. However, her life was about to be ignited with chaos- considerably changed with...

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