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What It Means to Pass Away During COVID-19 As a Buddhist

Many families visit Buddhist temples every Sunday for seven weeks after they have lost a loved one to fully honor the deceased's soul and to help them transition into their next life.

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

May 18, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the nation, the number of deaths continues to increase. Generally, one’s death is followed by a funeral. However, due to social distancing, many are not able to hold funerals, let alone be near their loved ones who have passed. As a Buddhist, Erica is concern...

Crash Landing on My Sleep Schedule

A scene from

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

April 28, 2020

Normally, during the school year, I find myself staying up late to do homework. While these are not normal times, I still find myself staying up late. The only difference is that this time, I am staying up late to watch a show. Tonight, I decided to start and finish “Crash Landing on You”, a Korean dra...

Coronavirus Di-seizes Senior Year

Senior Michelle Nguyen's final year at Carnegie has been moved onto her laptop. She now finds herself spending a lot of time looking at her laptop whether it be for talking to friends or learning more about colleges.

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

April 17, 2020

When news of a novel coronavirus began to make its way out of Wuhan, China, worry started to spread around the globe. Initially, there were not that many cases reported in China and many took it as a small matter that would only happen in China. However, the number of cases started to pile up and so...

Robotic Teams’ Road to Worlds

First Row: Jonathan Turck, Akhil Mandalapu, Samuel Lim, Rahul Menon 
Middle Row: Lazo Attar, Nicholas McIntosh, Caleb Hu, Devin Wang, Kartikeya Gullapalli, Gowtham Kadiyala, Hugh Coleman, Jared Yang, Ammaar Khatlani, Monish Civunigunta, Dan Bizman, Ankush Girotra
Back Row: Luke Dulworth, Carter Hidalgo, Jiya Ghorpade, Ruth Liu, Serena Fu, Srikar Siripuram, Tietchan Dang, Amir Tahanan, Ekin Tiu, Elijah Miranda, David Guan, Alex Nguyen, Shelby Yang, Howard Cai, William Nguyen, Mateo Ortega, Aditya Prasad

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

March 6, 2020

For the past 3 years, Carnegie’s robotics team has qualified for the annual VEX Robotics World Championship and this year was no different. Over 30 countries consisting of over 160 teams will meet in Louisville, Kentucky in April for the world championship. Of these 160 teams, Carnegie’s robotic...

Fifteen Years and Counting

front row: Izabella Mandujano, Leslie Morales, Marilyn Vaca, Michelle Nguyen, Ms. Jiménez, Talia Hirsch, Ximena Zapata, Joan Castro, Dulce Alonso

middle row: Jose Ortega, Evelyn fung, Mia, Myalynn Hyunh, Rebecca Gabrie, Michelle He, Andrea Erkal, Elvia Mora Blanco, Xitlali Ramírez, Emilip Garcia, Lucas Clavijo

back row: Javier Moreno, Diego Acosta, Eddie Rodriguez, Miriam Yampuler, Emily Saether, Abby Sode, Dylan Green, Katherine Salinas, Aidan Cisneros, Marcos DelgadilloLope, Viana Rodrigues, Brandon Cisneros, Victoria McKean, Natalia Cardone, Karla Galeas

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

February 14, 2020

“Como miembro del capítulo [name] prometo dedicarme al estudio de la lengua española con el fin de dominarla algún día, recordando que una lengua puede ser un lazo fuerte entre personas de distintos orígenes de raza o religión. Como ciudadano de mi patria prometo promover la amistad y el entend...

Carnegie Interact’s 8th Annual I-Fest: Celebrating Cultures

Student serve food during the 8th Annual I-Fest Celebration.

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

November 20, 2019

On Friday, September 15, Carnegie's campus was illuminated with lights and filled with children and parents from around the community. I-Fest is an international festival Carnegie’s Interact Club hosts every year in order to raise money for a certain cause. Last year, Carnegie Interact raised money ...

The Fractious Fight for Affirmative Action

The debate of affirmative action within college acceptance remains divided with the recent news of students paying their way into college. (Photo: Hilary Nguyen/ Upstream)

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

November 6, 2019

Harvard does not discriminate against Asians. That was the ruling of federal Judge Allison Burroughs on October 1, 2019. Although the case between Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard has been an ongoing discussion, the recent case ruling is still raising questions about whether affirmative action i...

Carnegie Varsity Volleyball Suffers First Loss to Rival School Bellaire

The Rhinos' volleyball team play Bellaire's. Sept 27 (Photo: Faith Nguyen)

By Hilary Nguyen, News Editor

October 7, 2019

Set 1: 25-17/ Set 2: 25-17/ Set 3: 25-18 The Rhinos were swept again by the Cardinals. In past years, Bellaire High School’s ladies' varsity volleyball team has dominated Carnegie’s. However, this year the Lady Rhinos have been beating their toughest competitors. Earlier in the season, they co...

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