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Carnegie Vanguards campus reflects the principals of its students.

Carnegie Vanguard High School and its Historical Campus

September 23, 2021

Carnegie Vanguard High School’s new building, built in October 2012, was a solution to a worn-down campus, coupled with its own distinctive history and design. The Carnegie Vanguard High School campus...

Keeping Large Exotic Pets - Hobby Or Abuse?

Keeping Large Exotic Pets – Hobby Or Abuse?

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor June 1, 2021

On May 9th, a Bengal tiger was seen thousands of miles from its natural habitat when it appeared on a Houston lawn, only to disappear days later. The 9-month-old male tiger, named India, was found again...

A slate of bills on the table of the 87th State Legislature threaten to take away the rights of transgender students and money away from already cash-strapped districts.

Texas State Legislature vs. Texas Students

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor April 30, 2021

Students all throughout the state of Texas may be affected by upcoming bills that most of us aren’t even aware of.  However, with a plethora of bills, some newly introduced and others that have been...

NASAs 2020 Mars Rover is named Perseverance

The Mars Rover is a Test of Ingenuity and Perseverance

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor April 9, 2021

Perseverance is a NASA mission, which has the objective of exploring Mars’ habitability as well as looking for past, microbial life on Mars. This mission is one of NASA’s most recent adventures, and...

Rain is the main protagonist in the most recent psychological thriller, Fear of Rain.

Facing The Stigma – How Movies Like “Words on Bathroom Walls” and “Glass” Hurt the Mentally Ill

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor March 8, 2021

Earlier this month, the movie Fear of Rain was released. It used the main character’s auditory and visual hallucinations due to schizophrenia, a mental disorder that alters the way a person thinks, feels,...

One of the many vibrant murals in Houstons downtown area.

The Everchanging Cityscape of Houston through its Murals

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor December 17, 2020

Walking down the flat cityscape of Downtown Houston used to be a meaningless experience, but recently, thanks to hundreds of commissioned artists, Houston has become an oasis of beautiful and vibrant street...

Calculus teacher Stephanie Chen continues communicating with students online while her 6-month-old son Jacob sleeps in her arms.

How to Teach Calculus with a Baby in Your Arms

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor November 12, 2020

With a newborn child in her lap, CVHS calculus teacher Stephanie Chen takes on the task of teaching an entire class while having to tend to her child’s needs at the exact same time. She juggles answering...

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